Hi guys...I'm new here, and I've got the knitting bug like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would). Here's my first real project - a scarf I knitted for my wife.

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First of all, Welcome Patrick...this is a great group of guys who can clearly understand how easy it is to be obsessive about knitting.

Your scarf is great in at least a couple of ways. First of all, the knitting looks very nicely done (very even without any noticeable variance in tension, etc.), but you also made a very long scarf. Which shows you're really in trouble as a knitter.

It means you have the most critical skill to be a successful knitter...perseverance.

Most people will comment how much patience you must have to knit...but I'm not at all patient...I'm just stubbornly persistent.

Nice to have you here, and thanks for sharing your great scarf picture.

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Obsessive, Joe?? We're not obsessive... ok, so yeah, we have a room just for yarn, we will drive 3 hours just to go to a new yarn shop, we just HAD to buy that $80 hank of yarn even though we have no idea what to make with it...

And we may have been tempted a time or two every week to buy one of every color of yarn from knitpicks and/or cascade... just to have on hand in case... But we are not...

Ok, so maybe a little obsessed, but It's a good obsessed, Patrick! It feels great when a project is done, it feels great to start one, to plan for one, every stage has it's own satisfaction... Even the ripping out of that GO*-FU**IN DA*N BLANKET THAT IS JUST NOT WORKING!!! Yes, even frogging (ripping out) has it's unique satisfaction. So have fun, the scarf looks awesome! Keep at it and Welcome to the gang! Hope you have fun with this group of wonderfully persistent, slightly obsessed, great group of guys (and some gals).

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Your scarf is great! Ditto on what Joe said. You will have a ton of fun here and find great advice.

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A 'nother one.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yea, more fresh meat and his first project is lace, hmmmm.

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I can see I will meet all kinds of guys here..and I'm looking forward to it! Joe, I am like you - very persistent. I am now knitting a sweater, and I will not give up til it's done. I have to actually remind myself to relax, or I feel like I'm gutting a fish or something. My sweater will give me lots of practice on just plain knitting (it's in the round), and I can perfect my continental technique. Can you post videos on here? It would be nice to get some feedback on how I'm doing.

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lol...I used to go to a massage therapist a number of years ago who I taught to knit and I knew he was hooked when he told me he sat down to knit his first sweater and looked up 5 hours later to realize he hadn't changed his body position the entire time he was so focused.

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Oh my gosh, that sounds like me! I've sat so long staring at my needles and yarn that I've looked up not being able to focus around the room. Well, maybe that's just old age creeping up on me...

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Welcome, Joe. Great to have you on board. Very nice scarf. Keep knitting!

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Actually, Tom, my name is Patrick. Joe is one of the other guys posting. :)

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Welcome, Patrick. I think it was Albert who recently said to another newbie in this group something about knitting being its own universe within universes. I’d have to agree: it’s its own world. And I feel extremely lucky to have found Planet Men-Who-Knit within that knitting universe. I am also a new knitter (less than a year) and this group is an inspiration, a support and an amazing resource. Having brother knitters to check in with has turned out to be very, very important to me. All the best with it!

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Welcome! How about a few more details on the sweater your're knitting?

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Hi Albert - The sweater I'm knitting is from Michael del Vecchio's book "Knitting with Balls," and it's called a bootcut sweater. I'm making some modifications to make it more appealing to my taste and budget. I'll post a photo when I'm done (or maybe in progress as well). It's currently about 4 inches from the bottom cuff...a bit of a way to go yet :)


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Welcome Patrick, this is an informative, supportive, fun group. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

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Welcome Patrick!! The scarf looks great! I would have been lucky if my first scarf would have turned out half as well. It ended up in the trash. The guys here provide a great amount of support, information and cheer leading when you need it! It's the best!

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You don't love your wife very much do you?? (KIDDING!!!!!!) Patrick it's a great looking scarf and I'm sure she wears it proudly.

Wait until she wants a sweater!!!!!

Welcome and a job well done,


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Hi Patrick....welcome to the site, it is a most wonderous place with a wealth of knowledge and the great ability to share. The scarf is a truly wonderful piece and I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. I don't know the answer regarding posting a video but please do keep your pictures coming!!!!!!!

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Hello Patrick!!!

Obsessed? I don't know that you could call it that...just happens to be a part of every day skin...if someone even tries to take my knitting from me, I'll bleed...really...I will.

Very nice scarf. Good work. Hmmm...from scarf to sweater...what a jump! A most awesome thing, really. Sweaters are VERY good.

...and as for my tastes in Opera: La Traviata is the best ever! Absolutely. Nothing will change my mind. (yeah, I love Opera and have seen so many and love the many voices, even with with the seemingly wonderful revival of appreciation for the art in the latter years.) I judge voices very simply: she's very good and I love her pitch, but can she sing Violetta?...can he sing Alfredo? has all of the elements of a great work of operatic art: boy meets girl, they fall in love, something happens and they fall apart, boy sings song and wins girl back, laughter and revelry, one hell of a signature drinking song, underhanded mischief, and with one last high note, the diva dies! What makes a better magnificent piece of work than that? I love Verdi.

Welcome and enjoy!


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Verdi is ok, but I lean more toward azzurro and rosso.

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The jump from scarf to sweater in this case isn't much. The scarf was a more complicated stitch, and my sweater is mostly endless knit knit knit knit knit. I have about 18 inches of just plain knit until I finish just the body.

I should warn you that starting a conversation about opera with me could get very long, because I rarely tire of discussing all aspects my favorite art form. Maybe I should just give you my cell number and you can call me when you have a free day to chat :) Like you, I love La Traviata (and have sung in it), but I have met very few operas I didn't like. I think my dream retreat might be knitting while watching back-to-back DVDs of opera and Star Trek (uh oh, did I start another fanatical subject?).


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Welcome indeed. I am one of the fanatics who tries not to be too obsessed. The scarf looks nice and I look forward to photos of the sweater. Love opera and almost cried when Wyoming public radio stopped carrying the broadcast from New York. What voice range are you? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Glad to find another opera fan! I'm sad for you that you have lost the Met broadcasts. The broadcasts are sort of my lifeline to NYC, as I have never been there. I sing bass-baritone, but I think with the right training I may have been a tenor.


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Bass-baritone is a wonderful range. I believe my voice would have been there, if I had a voice that wouldn't peel paint and scare little babies. Losing the Met broadcasts may have been more of a political thing for the public radio station: They said it was lack in interest in the listeners, yet they carry a fair amount of classical music as a general rule. I think it was because they didn't want to spend the money. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I call myself a "bari-nor" - Can't comfortably sing the upper tenor range, can't hit the lower notes reliably - and barinor sounds better then tenortone. Don't sing opera myself, but have two friends (mother and daughter) who do/have....and I keep telling myself someday I will see them in an actual production - not just casual singing...

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Welcome, Patrick!
Great to have another opera person here...I work for San Francisco Opera...I'm a makeup specialty is the villains. ...yes I get to make up all the bad guys and ladies...I also do principal men...but the regular makeups are not as much fun...
and I knit backstage.

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Cool - my wife and I will be in SF this summer to see "La Fanciulla del West." I would love a connection backstage so I could meet Deborah Voigt :)

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Deborah is a sweetheart!
write to me this summer when you know you're schedule and I'll give you a backstage tour...and possibly meet Deborah, depending on her schedule...but I know I can put your name on the list so you can met her after the performance.