Custom-made circular needles

I would like to find circular needles with a long needle part. Does anyone know of anyone who makes custom circs?


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Thanks for that, Lars. I just emailed them.

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Try Ed Jenkin's Site Tom. I know he makes maple circs, but I think he may only make large sizes. But it may be a good place to start and he might be able to refer you to a colleague.


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Thanks for that, Mill. I appreciate it. I just sent an email off to him. Tom

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you can also buy long long needles from skacel - call them - I know in the past they have made super duper long circulars...



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Thanks, Kyle. It's not the length of the cable but the length of the needle itself that my search is about. But thanks for your reply.

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Signature Needles has also introduced circulars that can be custom made with different needle lengths but at the moment they have limited needle sizes. Check them out.

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Thanks, Juan. I checked them out. Very cool website. Interestingly enough they've been deluged with orders for custom-made circs and won't be taking any more orders for about 4 weeks. Thanks for the info though.

You might want to make them yourself. I once found a site where a woman described using dowels, glue and fishing twine to make circular needles.

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I've been thinking about that. I thought of taking a thin tube and jamming onto some 10" dpns (from Brittany). But I'd want the joining to be smooth and I can't figure out how I could finesse that.

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I just saw something last night for Knit Picks Options...looks like they're coming out with connectors so you can join cables together and make any length you wish. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but it's another option.

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Thanks, Will. I've got one of those sets. They're very nice but I'm looking for a circ with a long point or long needle. Most of the circ points I've come across are around four inches long. I feel like I'm using a child's tool when I use those. The real problem for me is that they make my hands ache. I tried my Addi again the other night and it's: just. too. small. Way too small. I've gotten a reply from Jenkins Woodworking which Mill turned me onto and they are actually considering my request. I asked for 42" circs in US sizes 8, 10, and 11 with a 9" point or needle at each end. I received a reply from Ed Jenkins' wife and she said she'll let me know what Ed decides. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. By the way these circs would be for wide, flat work that I'm currently using a string of dpns for.

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Tom, I posted about my hand turned rosewood needles on Fri, 2007-01-26...and there were pics of them which show up in our rotating picture box...but I can't find them in the gallery. I'll try to remember to bring them next Monday.

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Bill, I just checked that post but the pictures are no longer attached to it. I'd love to see them. Tanya was rhapsodizing about them last night. She said they're beautiful. She especially liked the cable between the needles. I hope you remember to bring them next Monday!