Tracks in the Snow Hat

I also am on a hat project- I intend to burn through my stash having fun with hats, and contribute the results, for good or ill, to a local helping group. This hat has a three inch hemmed brim in 4x4 ribbing folded under and crocheted in place. The pattern is in stranded knitting in Knitpicks Cloud wool and Modadea Sangria wool/silk blend. I used size seven needles for the brim, and 10 1/2 for the colorwork. I decreased in four equidistant paired decreases with ssk and k2tog. I think I spent about 5 hours on it. I should probably do more beanie style hats, as I suspect males will not be inclined to wear slouch hats, though I love the old-timey look of them.


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teen guys in my area are wearing both beanies and the longer "slouch" type...

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In mine too. I think slouchy is "in" this year. I would wear it.

Did you see the Golden Globes?

Sadly Michael has cancer but he is wearing a slouchy hat.

I love this one Albert, Keep it up and you could be giving up the day job.

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Another great looking hat, Albert. Keep up the good work. BTW, are you and Grandcarriage trying to have a contest? -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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very nice, looks lovely and warm and cosy

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Great hat, Albert. And great pictures too. Thanks for that. Guys will wear that style of hat out here. I would think in Maine they would especially wear them. Doesn't seem like a beanie would provide much warmth.

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What a beautiful hat and you named it perfectly (or is that the name of the pattern). I like the looks of a slouch hat as well.

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Thanks, Ron- it's my own pattern.

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Beautiful hat Albert! I love the pattern and the colors you chose. John

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I love it, Albert - great design, colors and execution!

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Hey Albert
Great hat. I'm sure someone will be a proud winter walker.
How did you do the front edge? It's very ... inviting.

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The front edge is the purl round where I turned under the lining and stitched it in. This yarn has silk noil blended in which gives it a soft diffuse look. I'll post another picture with the lining turned out so you can see.

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I love the pattern, design and the colors Albert! Those are getting really popular here in the South. I've been looking for a pattern on Rav to make myself one. Great job!

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OK, I'm not getting this at all. Is that the same hat? Did you make a separate lining for the hat you first posted? And then sew it together or something? What's going on here?!

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Tom, I started out by knitting the lining in the red (Sangria). Then I continued on to knit the "body" of the hat. I did one purl row as the "turning row"-(think perforated line on paper for folding)- I turned the lining under into the interior of the hat when I finished knitting, and crocheted the lining in place, picking up the cast-on edge with the floats, and crocheting them together. Since I knit the hat long enough to be "slouchy", this allowed for the interior lining to be flipped up to the outside as shown in these added pics, and become more of a "beanie" style hat. Hope this is clear; if not let me know and I'll try again.

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Thanks, Albert. I was half in the bag when I posted that. I mainly couldn’t figure out if they were the same hat or not. And if they were, how you did that. I’m still too much of a beginner to fully understand your explanation but I understood enough to know that it involved some true craft wizardry. It’s great to be a beginner in this group learning from stitchlords deep in fiber magic such as yourself. Thanks for sharing so much. This is a very alive group and you are one of the guys that makes it that way. Long may you stitch.