sweater project

this is my first sweater, it's going well i suppose. i have the sleeves and hood left, then i'm done! here's a picture of the front portion during blocking. i hope i did it right... not sure. if you have any suggestions, let me know! i designed the middle pattern myself, based off of a scandinavian rose i saw in another pattern. hope you all like it! i'll be sure to post more when i'm finished.


blocking a sweater


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I definitely like the sweater. I like the colors, the pattern (including your modified design). Good work, can't wait to see it finished!

Wow!  If this is your first, I can't wait to see what follows.  Great job.  Love the pattern.


Excellent job. You dark horse, I didn't that you were working on this! 

Knit away, knit away

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do you mean that i'm using too many or i should use more?

You get the T-Shirt, the Cigar  AND the Stuffed Bear !  Good for YOU! 

Pretty impressive first project, I'd say.  Actually, not unlike tackling The Wanderer Fantasy in your 2nd year of Piano.   Were you this precocious in your childhood???

Really wonderful, Guy!

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hey i really love the sweater and the the mittens i have seen on this site you really do great work. i would love to see the finished jumper? how is college going BTW? I'm knitting my first sweater but it is nothing as grand as yours i'm very impressed. regards arron