What do you wear under the kilt?

.................................................stockings of course Ray was kind enough to ask about kilt hose, so I thought I'd share with y'all too!

The classic book for knitting authentic Scottish kilt hose (the proper term) is "Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings" by Lady Veronica Gainsford. It's been reissued by Schoolhouse Press as "Designs for Kilt Hose" Most kilt hose come to just below the knee and turn down with a decorative top. (you hold them on either with tied knit garters, or elastic ones)

For every day highland games, hiking and day wear, kilt hose are generally knit out of very stout wool in a colour to match your kilt ...some folks even have argyle hose that exactly replicates the sett of their tartan...I tried argyle once and threw the second sock half finished into a corner of the wardrobe from whence it was never seen again! LOL. For evening and more formal occasions (and for a pipe band too, generally), you always wear white hose. The above mentioned book has several very attractive cable patterns, lace patterns and other textured patterns for the tops, as well as some multicoloured ones, like thistles etc.

Here's a pair of dress hose knit in 100% natural coloured shetland wool that I devised. I'll be glad to share the pattern with anyone who wants it. (or is there a place to post patterns on here?)

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There should be nothing worn under the kilt - it should all be in good working order.

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You can attach the pattern file (I would suggest as a locked pdf) the same way you attached the photos.

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Fred, those are very handsome!
if you're on ravelry...you should join the "Kilt hose and flashes" group.

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Beautiful knitting! You must have used very fine needles- how long did these take?

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Thanks for the kind comments y'all!

Aye, ye're right, Knitmaniac ..... and thanks MMario; I'll post the pattern immediately. Bill, they were knit on very small needles; I think either 00 or 1s, I'd thought about trying knitting some in silk (I've seen some from the 19th century like that), but I think they might not look well with a wool kilt; perhaps with a heavy silk it might work.

Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred

"Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred"

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Thanks a lot, Fred! I especially like the "tag" knit under the cuff. Post more pics!!!

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LOL that started out as a warning to dry cleaners...but in the end I just washed them myself! I'm so pleased you like'em!

Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred

"Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred"

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They are exquisite. I have a kilt that I don't wear too often and "store bought" hose. I think I must make my own after seeing yours.

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"Store bought" hose?!! Ron- I'm shocked!!!

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Very nice hose. I didn't know that Schoolhouse Press has reissued Lady Gainsford's book. Just another temptation in a world of many. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.