New Book Bag

So I haven't had a new bag for school for about five years, so I decided that it was time for a new one. It was my first time working in the round and with cables, but I think it turned out pretty well. I improvised the buttonhole because the pattern only had a flap without anything securing it shut. I also used garter stitch for the strap because the curling of stockinette stitch bugs me. I made the button out of some old rosemary that grows by my house for a nice earthy touch. All in all it turned out okay for a 6 day project.

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that turned out beautifully...have you thought about felting it slightly to tighten the fabric?

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Your book bag has a timeless organic feel to it; the rosemarywood button seems like it sprouted of its' own accord out of the fabric- I love it!

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Love it!

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Kevin, you're a prodigy. Really well done. You definitely have a facility with the craft. Stitch on!

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That i just fantastic mate - looks great.

"too cool for school" as we would say.


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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that is a lovely bag!! and the rosemary branch button is genius. great work.

QueerJoe's picture're turning out to be one of the MWK stars...that is a great looking bag and I bet you look perfect walking around school with that.

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Very have a great knack. Keep up the good work. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice job Kevin!!! What yarn is that and where can I find the pattern?

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I used 4 balls of Patons Classic Wool in Taupe and 1 1/2 skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Yarn in Maple Tweed. The pattern's on Lion Brand's site, it's called Sweater Bag. I improvised the buttonhole, but if you want to make it you actually need to make two directly across from each other, since the bag is made in the round.

"Second, I will wear roller skates and leg-warmers!" "You should be as current as today's headlines!"

"Second, I will wear roller skates and leg-warmers!" "You should be as current as today's headlines!"

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Wow, Kevin, that's amazing! Keep up the great work, man!