New to the site and knitting

Hey guys, new to this site and to knitting, only been knitting for about two months now....self taught so making lots of mistakes but, having fun to it! I am currently working on a pair of fingerless gloves and a scarf for the move I got coming up. Figured knitting was a great way to save money and stay busy in Alaska. So, don't really see the gloves as being too practical up there but, the scarf is sure to come in handy.


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Best of luck in the north country. I can only say that I hope that knitting stands you in as good a stead as it has stood me, if you follow me. (OK, fine, it’s late and I’ve had a few beers.) But I have to say that from my limited experience of less than a year, knitting is an entirely worthy pursuit altogether. It has taken me to places undreamed of. Not the least of which is this most excellent group which, what with one amazing post after the other, is currently giving me wow-fatigue. All the best up there among God's frozen people.

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That's great...nice to have another guy join the obsessed.

One of my first projects was a pair of fingerless gloves...I didn't understand the differences in yarn weight or gauge, so I knit worsted weight wool/cotton on US2 needles, making for a VERY dense fabric. I still wear those gloves now over 20 years later.

And as a final note, they're not very practical from a warmth perspective in the Winter, they sure look funky and great.

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Fingerless are good for layering... double the layers over most of your hand but keeping the covering on the fingertips thinner for dexterity.

For street theatre in the winter I were a pair of fingerless mitts (thumb opening and a palm opening) over a pair of half-fingered gloves.

Really only the last jont of the fingers are exposed - and they tend to stay "warm enough" if not warm, while still leaving me the ability use my hands almost as freely as if I had no gloves on.

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Just knit- figure out why later (or not). Welcome!

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Welcome!!! Mmario summed it up best. Great group of knitters on this site - a true community. Enjoy. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! Right about now, I have four projects on my hand and just working a little on each one at some point during the day. Making hats ( found an awesome pattern in Stitch and Bitch for a devil horn hat) working on a Shawl using a linen stitch, which was tricky to learn at first (the finished shawl is for my mom for pow wows, it will be a Butterfly Shawl for dances) of course the fingerless gloves ( using a Knifty Knitter for that cheat when I can...) and an ongoing project out of the Knitting With Balls book for a knee length coat but, I am working a hood in the pattern as well and trying out some intarsia to add some flames at the hem....tricky tricky will take my time on that. But, other than that, just loving the creative muse that can be expressed so easily with the art of knitting. Wado (thanks in Cherokee)

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WOW! I loved reading your post. So much passion and excitement in what you are planning and creating.