First Quarter KAL - Felted boots Update!!

A quick and hearty thanks to those who have joined the First Quarter KAL. We seem to have a core group and are progressing pretty well through the felted boots. We will probably finish early and have started kinda of a side quest -- Beer Cozy Swap

The second quarter KAL has been decided on!!!

Knit A Rug -- Color Work Galore
Our next Men Who Knit - Knit Along project comes from the book The Knitted Rug by Donna Druchunas. Is is an extravagant color work festival in the round. The pattern is simple enough to follow along easily and features a bold white pattern in bands of color. Think about it, Perhaps a white rug with a pattern done in a super colorful variagated. White pattern with multi-color bands! This will be your chance to go crazy. Donna will be joining us for the KAL to answer questions, lurk behind our posts and just generally enjoy it. We will be featured in her blog so lets get those pictures snapping.

* Stranded Color Work -- Double fisted knitting
* Knitting in the round with a unique twist to finish our rug
* Work out variations in the pattern to do Placemats, Table Runners, Lap Quilts, Scarves and whatever else comes to mind
* Will expect you to go crazy using color, color, color.

The book is excellent and if your into doing rugs is a great buy. However she has made some of the patterns available through Barnes & The cost for this pattern is like $2.95. Pattern Available at Barnes & Noble Online and is a downloadable purchase -- instant gratification

The great thing about this pattern will be the possibilities. I think I am going to call this intermediate to advanced. I would love for people to take the pattern and run with different sizes/ colors etc. We'll collect as much of it as we can. So we'll be partially playing designer on this one. We'll look at figuring yarn needed, expanding, collapsing a pattern based on needle/yarn size.

It is stranded color work and can be daunting to those who have never done it. But the pattern is easy enough to maybe you try it out and do one of the smaller things like a scarf or placemat or table runner.

NOTE: the pattern you will buy contains the instructions and techniques to do a RUG. The group will try to work together on working out the other a designer. . .

Starts April 5th.
Sign up to the group to join the KAL --
Purchase the pattern here ($2.95)
We'll probably start posting some design ideas earlier but be ready to get the needles moving on the 5th!!


Tom Hart's picture

Hey Joe,

I’m very interested in participating in the Fair Isle rug knit along. I’m working on a rug from that book right now. It’s the Mediterranean Mosaic. In the book it’s a slip stitch pattern but I’m using the pattern to make a door mat out of jute twine (absolutely last project with’s like knitting with rope!) and slip stitching didn’t look good so I’m doing it stranded results in a fuller, plumper product.

I’m really looking forward to knitting with yarn again and I know you suggested that we go nuts with color but I think I’m going to use bands of light, medium and dark gray for the background and wine red for the design. (It’s going to be for a friend and her colors are gray and red.)

Thanks for organizing this, Tom