WIP Status updates... 1 New Year's resolution BROKEN... Mini Mochi Hats Done!

So i've been a very busy boy lately... I've made the 2 tote bags I had been working on and planning on using for Etsy inventory- but they sold before I could even put them online... so alas... my resolution to open my Etsy store is still looking grim... but that wasn't the broken resolution I'm referring to on the subject line... One of my resolutions was to not buy ANY yarn unless I have a project in mind for it already- but today I broke down... my favorite LYS had a clearance bin and I managed to muster up some self control... and left with just 1 hank of yarn! But alas... my resolution still has been broken.

On that matter, does anyone have any ideas for me to make out of undyed Ribbon Yarn? The hank I bought today was a hank of Crystal Palace Yarn's Party Ribbon... I've recently been intrigued by dyeing and wanted to try my hand at it... the hank is 8 oz, and it equates to about 380 yards...

Oh! and I've finished 2 more of those Mini mochi hats... All of my standing requests for these have been filled! pictures coming soon... my camera isn't being very nice...


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I think since it was a clearance bin you could still consider your resolution intact. Clearance bins obviously fall under the category of "extenuating circumstances". Besides, you said you wanted to try your hand at dying. Isn't that a project by itself? :)

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You obviously have a project in mind on some subliminal level, so you're still ok.

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Thanks for the enabling comments! LOL... I should make an addendum to the resolution where I can buy yarn as long as I it's to replace something I've used in my stash. Can't have my stash shrinking too quickly, now can I?