Germany sucks on Sundays...and finished hat pictures!!

So I'm running low on yarn..and I wanted to buy some more today, a very simple task one might think but Germany hates me on this particular day of the week. Because Sunday, although a very traditional day of relaxation and rest in most western cultures, is triple the pain in the ass in Germany than it is in the U.S. Why? One may ask? Because EVERYTHING in Germany is closed on Sunday...everything...not even so much as a children's craft store (which I wouldn't go into anyway because children frighten me). This is a hard truth I have been facing during my last 6 months in residence here because 24 years of American culture of everything still being open on Sundays but just for limited hours, is still engrained into mein kopf. But there have been many times where I forget to go grocery shopping on Saturday, o.k. so I think I can go on Sunday, nope...not gonna happen, so be prepared to eat kiosk food or leftovers for the whole day if you dont remember stuff like this. I should really set an alarm on my phone every Saturday, to go off and remind me to go buy enough food to get through Sunday, or go buy the color of yarn I need to make myself some mittens because it's 4°F outside and I would LOVE some mittens right about now!!! But no, Mr. Germany and it's protective labor laws say I must wait until Monday, So I shall sit here, with my cold hands and watch movies *Sigh* OH! I almost forgot, here's pictures of the hat I finished today!!! (It looks girly because it's for my fag hag lol) It's just a simple stockinette hat with a rolled brim, but I learned to crochet last week and did a flower to add some extra flare :-).

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Poor Cold Hands! And what's worse....Nothing to knit! Poor guy! :(

While In Bavaria, I found one Yarn shop open on Sunday. It was in some little teeny tourist town near the Alps on the Bavarian/Austrian Border. I bought tweed...It made great socks.

Take light into dark places

Take light into dark places

I remember that being the case when I was growing up (stuff being closed on Sundays). While I feel bad for ya....I have grown to think it really is not so much a bad idea in retrospect. There are a many positives to it.

The hat is great btw too. I hope she likes it.

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A very light-hearted hat- I'm sure your galpal will love it! It used to be the same way in the U.S. on Sundays- the only stores that were open were the pharmacy and the bakery where I grew up.

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Yikes... being from California... anything below 60 is freezing for me... I'd probably stop functioning out there... ESPECIALLY without yarn!

The hat looks great! Love the little button flower!

It took me 5 days to learn that Spain closes on Sunday and also closes each day between 1.30pm and 5.00 pm. This is very advantageous because you get one whole day a week (and in my case 6 afternoons as well) to sit and knit. I like it.

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Our local yarn shops are closed on Sunday. Luckily, I have lots of stash to raid should the urge hit to begin something new. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.