Pictures! New Beanie! New Yarn Shop! Anyone in LA?

So I've finally gotten my janky camera to work... sorta... I really need something new... it's driving me nuts! The pictures of the 2 other mini mochi beanies I made are below... sorry I'm the only one modeling them... I'm trying to get the recipients to model them for me... but a strange shyness has overcome them.

The third beanie is one that made for myself using some handpainted merino-silk yarn (bought on sale, WOOT!). The pattern is kind of hard to see because of the coloring - It's the Knotty But Nice pattern from the current issue of Knitty. Pattern link is below.

Thanks to Knitmap, I was able to find a yarn shop I had never been to today. Abuelitas Knitting and Needlepoint in South Pasadena, CA. Great place... didn't get to buy anything since they were closing (I arrived after the register closed... so sad), but I'm definitely coming back! Loads of good stuff there!

I'm kinda curious to see if anyone is in the Los Angeles area and would like to start up a men's knitting group. I kinda hate being the odd man out at a lot of the knitting groups that meet near me, or if anyone could suggest a group that has a few more men in it, it would be GREAT!

Knotty but Nice Pattern:


albert's picture

I love all three hats- they're a real festival of color!

ronhuber's picture

The hats are wonderful and the colour beautiful.

QueerJoe's picture

I have to say...the more I see and/or work with the Mini Mochi, the more I like it. It's soft, warm and the colors are spectacular.

You used it in a way that makes it look quite nice.

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Really nice hats. A friend wants something similar...I'll have to keep the pattern and yarn in mind. Thanks for sharing. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.