2010 KA.L Finished boots

Here are the finished felted boots The group will continue so I am doing a second pair - it is easier than the BF sweater for sure.

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Bill's picture

Those are wonderful!
I'm tempted to knit a pair for me...

PaulJMC's picture

they look so warm - fantastic!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

albert's picture

They came out really slick- Thanks for posting the "after" shots!

Chris Vandenburg's picture

Dan they look fantastic! We here on MWK did a KAL usiing the Friber Trends Clog pattern and the guys who participated did a great job. The thing I like about your pattern is that the cuff is higher than the fiber trends.

Great job Dan, keep it up,


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Tom Hart's picture

Really fine, Dan. I look forward to being able to make something like that someday. You're an inspiration.

dannvictoria's picture

They are toasty warm without making your feet sweat and they are easy to make and knitup fast. I have just finished the first boot of a pair for my partner.