slightly baudy warning.

I'm finishing a sweater in Rowan Big Wool for a client. It is knit on US 15's. I feel like I am knitting with Dildos. Very pointy, cheap, hollow, plastic dildos. Ick ick ick.

I think I just may have to knit some socks on 1's after this, to detox.

Does anyone remember a couple years ago...Vogue Knitting had a little magazine "for men who knit" and the editorials showed like a shirtless guy knitting what could only be a hammock with what looked like broomsticks. As we said in the LYS at the time:


I have some big-ass yarn at home I bought by mistake, off of E-bay. I'm tempted to see if I can knit a pullover for myself, and how long it would take. Hmmm.


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Tsk, Tsk, time, let me loan you my rosewood circulars...LOL

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OMG, I actually have a pair of those, they're hot pink. I vaguely remember thinking that they must have a dual purpose. I've used them once..... as knitting needles that is.

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Please......try out some "Speed Stix"

I hate them, hate them, hate them! They correspond to size 50!! Absolutely ridiculous to try to work with as knitting needles... hmm, haven't tried them for anything else though! :)


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Like that....

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I love my size 50's, even had someone make a bigger size for me they are about 4 feet long. I love using multiple strands of yarn on them.

I love the Bigger needles you get done so much faster. You would be suprised how fast you can knit an afghan with them, and a great way to use up lots of extra yarn.

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When I was first learning the knit stitch and the purl stitch, when it was all brand, spanking new and unfathomable, I used size 17's and big ropey yarn to better see what it was that I was doing.

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Hah hah!

Aint gonna happen in my home...10 1/2 is as big as I got ;)

If I go any bigger I feel all clumsy, like I am trying to knit with harpoons.

Take light into dark places

Take light into dark places

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Most men would be quite satisfied with 10 1/2.

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ROFLMAO!!!!!! Touche`! You have said a mouthful and then some, dear friend.

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10 1/2 would definitely be a mouthful.

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Wicked wonderful Albert :)

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I'm tempted to try to design something I would actually wear, on giant yarn/needles...but I fully agree...The first time I picked up my client's knitting and these needles, I thought I was knitting with broomsticks (or dildos).

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fine then sexy man....shall I challenge you to a design-off!

we both design and knit super large gauge....say needles size 15 or bigger...sweaters and then have a 3rd party judge them....a panel of 3 judges perhaps? we'll see who comes out on top!! ;)


Take light into dark places

Take light into dark places

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I know what you mean. I've been working (I use that term loosely as I've been busy at school) on a pullover on 13s, and I remember picking up a set of 9s after working on the sweater and it felt like I was holding toothpicks. So bizarre...

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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I knit a short scarf for my Aunt for Christmas on 15's and then immediately went back to my socks on 0's. I can not tell you how much better I felt with the 0's, though there was a few seconds of 'damn, I forgot how small these are."

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I would find some Skacel's in the right size and go with those. At least they're metal and feel good in the hand. Btw, I never use straight needles, mainly circulars because they make the fabric have a softer hand...

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I don't get the softer hand on circulars to explain.

These needles belong to the client, otherwise I wouldn't have used them. The nice thing about them being hollow is that they were very light. What I didn't like is that the tips were kind of turkey baster shaped: almost like a funnel: the taper was very slight for about an inch, and then got fat very quickly...not a great plan for thick yarns.

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It felt like toothpicks and thread for my size 1 sock needles after my #9s and worsted also. I have to agree with Bill...if you are going to use needles that big, nice wooden ones would definitely be an improvement. [Strictly for knitting, of course. Otherwise, you risk injury. Most especially with #50s.] BTW - Remember that Vogue article also. Similar thoughts - It is the quality of the knitting that counts, not the size of the needles and yarn. Some editor must have thought it made the concept of a man knitting more Butch that way. How silly. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hmm, I never thought of knitting needles as dildos or dildos as knitting needles. I guess I've already got a pair of double pointed ones in a drawer under the bed. They're different sizes though. Might make for some odd knitting.

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Oh my...that was TMI.

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You know, If you used dildos instead of hollow plastic needles, the wool wouldn't fall of the end so much ;-)

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Yeah, but it's tough to prevent dropped stitches when your hands are vibrating.

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ROFLMAO. That might do wonders for sore tired hands!

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Knitting needles is one place where I am definitely no size queen. The smaller, the better. Like cell phones.


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Late in weighing in, but just last month I did a top down raglan pullover out of Sirdar's Big Softie yarn. For about a men's medium, it took me exactly a week to complete it. Cast on on a Tuesday and bound off the last sleeve the following Tuesday and didn't even feel like I was breaking a sweat. I put a twisted stitch pattern into it and have gotten a few compliments. So it really wouldn't take very long to do these. Pics will follow, have to find the camera. The yarn is a 51% wool/49% acrylic and feels great. I washed it on gentle and dried it on low for about an hour with some towels and it survived with no shrinking/felting. I was pleased.