Slip stitch rug

Well it's been a long time. My computer crashed and I took my time getting another one. Unfortunately I've missed posting several projects, but what can I say? This is a slip stitch rug I made. I found the pattern online as something else and thought the little bumps would make a nice texture and it did. It feels really good under foot. I just wished I had picked two other colors. If you look at the rug, the yellow areas are slightly raised.....

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Wow, another rug maker. I'm working on a rug (doormat, really) right now. Looks great to me. Is it finished? I'm wondering with that yarn there and all. How big is it? What did you knit it on?

It was almost finished when I took that. Had 2 more end boarder rows to go. It was standard welcome mat size. I've already given it away or I'd measure it. The yarn was an acrylic blend I bought on sale for 6 bucks a lb. Caron I think. I knit it on circles size 10 with the yarn doubled up.

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It"s a beautiful rug.


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Beautiful work! That's an excellent pattern. And your work is so even! Great job =)

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Fascinating- it looks like it was woven.

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Gary, You need to send me the pattern for that rug. I actually would work perfectly in the upstairs bath!

It's great looking.


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It was a very simple pattern. I can't seem to find it online again though. The boarder is just a few knitted rows. At each edge knit 5 stitches in between work pattern. The pattern is:

row one in MC knit
row two in MC pearl
row three in CC k1 *slip 1 k2 repeat from * to last 7 stitches slip 1 k1 (knit 5 for edge)
row four knit the CCs slip the MCs

Just ask if that isn't clear.

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Very nice. I have been inspired by another MWK'er - Lars - to reinvestigate knitted rag rugs. I wonder how this technique would work for that. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

This was made using slip stitch knitting aka mosaic knitting. Never made a rag rug, but doesn't seem this style would be appropriate.

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I've heard good things about Caron in my knitting group. One guy crochets blankets for Project Linus and the kids are allergic to anything except acrylic so he uses Caron and puts it through the washer and dryer with fabric softener and it comes out seriously soft. I'm going to have to find out what kind of color selection Caron has. I've got a rug project coming up in April (the knit-along rug) and I have no idea what I'm going to use for that yet.

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Tom, how about hardware store twine, dyed with Rit dye?
( just kidding!)

I usually dislike Acrylic, but this wasn't so bad. For a rug it seemed a perfect fit. I mean why use a more expensive fiber on something walked on.

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I like the rug a lot, especially the checkerboard pattern. I have just discovered the joys of using slip stitches. Happy knitting and enjoy the summer.---Cullen