Finishing Issues

I just finished a beautiful cardigan from a recent Rowan magazine. The problem I have now is that I have to sew 10 large push snaps to the front of it. I am afraid that just about anything I do will rip the yarn. The yarn broke several times when sewing the pieces together. I probably will have to add some kind of button band with snaps. I haven't been able to find anything but the snaps at the local fabric stores. Does anyone know online where there would be a lot of choices to help me out?
Thanks for reading! Jeff

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Needlepoint yarn!
Try sewing the snaps with needlepoint yarn in a matching colour...(it comes in hundreds of shades)'s stronger and finer than your yarn and easier to sew the snap.
You might also use a piece of matching grosgrain ribbon for support.

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Hi... there is a snap method you can use. There are snaps on twill tape usually on a roll, but you can find them as small yardage. The twill tape comes in 2 corresponding strips, ..."male" on one stip with the "female" receptors on the other. The tape is usually white or black cotton twill tape that can be dyed to the proper color. There are a number of "snap" sizes available. I have found them at "tailoring supplies" shops or shop that have "alteration supplies" or "dry cleaning ".... and sometimes " bridal supplies". Some of these "snap strips" are large enough to even handle leather applications. I hope this helps.....

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Here are some suggestions:

I usually sew a sweater together, unless it has a visibile kitchener stitch join, with a strong, finer yarn of the same colour... To help mitigate bulkiness in the seams. If I can't do that, I add just a bit more twist to the stitching yarn as I sew it. You might have to use your other hand to keep some tension on the strand so it doesn't twist on itself as you sew...greater twist=greater strength (within reason).

Sewing snaps. Bill's suggestion is a very good one, but if you can't add grosgrain, you can reinforce the garment by doing duplicate stitches (also known as swiss darning) over the stitches where the snaps are going to be added. I find that embroidery floss works very well for sewing on buttons and snaps OR heavyweight upholstery thread.

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OK these comments are a great help. You guys are great for responding! Thanks much! Jeff