Caprican Socks

This is the start of the Marlowe Crawford "Oliver". It is a great looking sock and is one of my projects that I am working on. I will be making this sock completely on dpns. I may have to get myself some nifty Signature Dpns for my Birthday, at least one set lol. Anyway this sock is cast on with a double tail cast on, which gives you a very stretchy strong edge. Hope to give you a picture of the heel flap and the turning of the heel later on, thanks for stopping by!



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I love this yarn- it virbates! Look forward to seeing the finished socks.

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I'm not familiar with the double tail cast on. [That I remember, anyhow.] But the sock looks very nice and I have heard great things about the "Oliver" design. Do keep us posted. EDIT: I do know this cast on. It's the one I use often...just never heard it called Double Tail before. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Definately post pictures. I still can figure out how to turn a heel.

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Love that colorway, Andy! Beautiful.

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Good luck with the socks and with the dpn's. I really like that colour.

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This yarn with it's flecky nature will show up perfectly in Marlowe's sock's a picture of the finished sock in case folks are interested (ore at least the interesting design structure of the foot section of the sock):

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I love the color!!! Is the double tail cast on the same as a long tail cast on? I've also seen seen it called a double cast on.