After my last blog post about how the finishing of a client's sweater on 15mm (US 19!!!!) needles made me feel like I was knitting with, forgive me, dildos, I had mused about the challenge of designing a sweater of superbulky yarn that I would actually WANT to wear. MatthewGnagy, bless his handsome heart, challenged me to a "DESIGN OFF" of said sweater, and after shaking with trepidation and fear in my Danner boots for a minute, I thought, "Why the HELL not?"
But why limit it to just us two?

So, here's the proposal:

Project "Men Who Knit" challenge:
Create a wearable, original MENS sweater knit of superbulky yarn. I'm thinking size US13 needles or larger. No finer than 3st/in gauge. Maybe a March 15th deadline? Photo submissions due then: one in the flat (laid on the table, etc) and one being worn by a model.

Anyone else interested?


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That sounds like fun!
I have a poncho I knitted of a great char/black wool that I've been planning to unravel.
...however, I would be doing a sleeveless hoodie/cardigan. ( don't wear full sweaters, it's not that cold in San Francisco)

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Funny story. Started knitting the "Hurry up quick" sweater from EZ's knitters almanac. A sweater knit just as you describe, super bulky interesting decreases to the neck. Any way the damn thing goes down to my knees and weighs like 40 lbs. I am not a small guy and this is an industrial sized sweater. . . warm as heck though and am wearing it alot. Will try and post pics.....

(original measurements were made when I was 50 lbs heavier. . . )

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Look how cute you are thinking I could finish a sweater in 6 weeks. ;)

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I have to say it is intriguing. However, I know myself well enough to realize I'd not get it knit in the 6 weeks allowed; I've taken a couple of months to just knit the toddler sized sweater I'm working on. And it is the second of a design with only a few minor changes. Besides, there is that pesky resolve not to use anything but stash for a while...the only bulky I have isn't good sweater material. Let alone having any superbulky. Still, I can take consolation that my friend's cardigan for her husband [the same as the baby cardigan, worked in superbulky] is looking great. However, it is not done and has taken longer than 6 weeks. Have fun, guys, and lots of luck. I look forward to updates. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.