Men's Knitting Circle in Philadelphia?

I am a relatively new knitter (since November) and really enjoying it. I've made a few scarves, hats, and even a couple of baby blankets. I would love to find a local men's knitting group in either Philly or South Jersey. Anyone know of anything?

albert's picture

Can't help vis-a-vis the groups, but welcome, and look forward to seeing pics of your work!

TomH's picture

Yes, there is one in Philly. They meet at Naked Chocolate. I'll try to find you more info about it.

DanInNJ's picture

Thanks Tom! Looking forward to getting more info so I can join!

PaganCub's picture

i'd like some info on them myself, if you wouldn't mind sharing, TomH and DanInNJ
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Change your thoughts; change your world.