Little Star Sweater

I just finished the "little star sweater" from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots. It was fun and the first time I attempted intarsia. This is the first sweater I've made that my daughter actually wants to wear!!!

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lol...your daughter obviously has excellent taste! The colors in this are very nice and you did a lovely job.

Any chance you'd get a picture of your daughter modeling it?

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Yeah, Don. That would really be superb, if your daughter wouldn't mind.

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Great job on the sweater. I'd be real interested to hear what it was like doing intarsia and what kind of challenges, if any, that it presented. It's something that I think I'd like to try my hand at soon.

Great sweater. I'd like to see your little star wearing this little star.

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Perfect colors for a little Diva, the Star of Daddy's World. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great fun!!!
perfect sweater for toddler!

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Man, I want a baby so can make cool thinks like that for it.

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What a lovely sweater. You did a great job.

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Beautifully done!


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Looks beautiful!

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It is very cute, I just hope that my brother and his wife have a boy so that I never have to knit it. While I think the colors are adorable, I still do not like working with them. What can I say, I only like the colors black, brown and blue. Anything else (even Green) is a stretch for me.

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Lovely job on the intarsia, fun colours. I still haven't tried intarsia...