New deadline for sizequeen needle project...

OK, I think I freaked some guys out with the idea of designing and knitting a superbulky sweater in 6 weeks. So.... Howabout the by the beginning of May. There might just be a night cold enough in those northern climes to wear a sweater jacket.

Incidentally I found in my stash a huge bag of yarn called Griffolk that is very lofty. I'm knitting it either trebled or quadrupled on 15's. 2 st/in. I did swatches to test various patterns, and by the time I had was done (2 hours or so) I realized I had a panel the size of one front on a cardigan. It does REALLY go fast.

C'mon guys! Pull up your big-guy britches and whip out your big sticks. Let's make some manly sweaters!


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well, we will see how fast it goes...I have delicate little hands...not so nimble with sizequeen needles...But I am willing to work those great big hunks of wood to get just the right speed for a clean finish.

May is definitely more reasonable with my current schedule!


Take light into dark places

Take light into dark places

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Delicate little hands? Yeahrite! Why, you're just a "petite flower of lovliness" you are!

Can't wait to see what you come up with.


MathewGnagy's picture

Petite flower of!! I have been called many things in my life, but never petite...flower or lovely....

Lovliness....I think that's more your area of expertise...gentleman that you are.

I'm just a pig in a nice sweater.


Take light into dark places

Take light into dark places

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I'm biting my tongue so not to say anything.

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I knew you would love that last comment of Mathew's!!!!

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Did you know the French don't have a word for "double entendre?"

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Isn't that just like the French?!

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whereas English has the highest percentage of words and phrases with double entendre of any spoken language on earth.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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OK, I'll give it a go. Should be interesting. Thanks for the challenge!