oh dear.

One of those moments when you realize that instead of merely repairing the holes on the underside aran panels of the sleeves on the sweater for the old lady in assisted care with dementia...you're going to have to replace the entire panel.

The yarn, an acrylic blend, is literally worn SO THIN in areas, that instead of yarn thickness, it's thread thickness. It will literally be quicker to steek the ruined panels out, and put in a reknit replacement. No kidding. How it's held together is just an act of God. No kidding.

I'll be making poor wages on this one, but it will be a mighty mighty mitzvah, to be sure.


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...and it will be all worth it when she puts it on and brags about it.

Such a nice boy...

I'll raise my glass to you. L'Chai'm.


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Well, considering that she's having memory issues (putting it mildly) I doubt that will happen. She probably won't notice the repair or remember that the sweater once had holes...but it's a good dead, and I will know. Besides which, I get to knit the repair with my new favorite yarn: Fisherman's wool by Lion.

Thank you for your well wishes. Your approval brings me cheer.

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Oooohhhh...Fisherman's wool...

...that's just about as good as Bartlett!

Make sure to send pictures.


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Good Karma is always nice to have on your side. Even if she doesn't realize the kindness that went above and beyond, the good feeling inside is sooo worth it. A grand thing to do, indeed. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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"but it's a good dead"

Freudian slip much?