Airplane story

Have a funny plane story I'd like to share. I was flying back from Aberdeen yesterday and I brought along some plain knitting a simple hand towel. You know just something to pass the time. About half way through the flight one of the stewardesses came and sat beside me with a ton of questions. What was I making? Is it hard to learn? How could I do it so fast? I still worry sometimes that people are going to be like eww a guy knitting, but this lady didn't blink an eye she thought it was so fascinating. Made me feel good and gave me a good laugh afterward.


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That's awesome...... I still have a phobia about knitting on airplanes......

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Yay!! I've knitted a few times on planes - sat next to another woman who pulled out her knitting on my last flight. Waiting in airports and riding on long plane rides are perfect times to knit!! Thanks for the great story!


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Sounds like you've won us another convert- way to go Gary!

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I always knit on planes, until my last flight. Security took it away from me before we got on board. I have often had the stewardesses come by and ask about it or tell me what they are working on. It has always been a positive experience, and it definitely helps pass the time.

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knitting on planes is the perfect way to pass the time. what else is there to do but freak out? i find it an AMAZING way to help soothe my anxieties!!

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Knitting has litterally made air travel palatable for me. What with having to be at the airport hours early just to sit and wait and frequent delays while sitting on the plane, knitting is by far the best way to make the time pass pleasantly. I have a retired attendant friend who claims many of them knitted in their jump seats epecially on long flights. I usually find socks to be the easiest project to take on a plane and the last time I flew the stewardess came over and we talked socks for a bit. It was fun.

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Great story. I, too, am a member of the "not ready to knit in public" set. I aspire to be like you guys! Thanks for sharing this story. John

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I don't get to fly very often, but the thought of knitting on the plane definitely is appealing to me. I guess I never thought that you could take knitting needles on the plane with security and all. About four or so years ago I was in NYC and I bought some little desk trinkets for friends of mine. I had them in my carry-on bag and security stopped me because apparently the little (I mean little, a box that was about 4" x 2") bonsai tree kit had a small scissors inside it for pruning the tree. They had to open the kit and remove the scissors before I was allowed to board the plane. Are there rules on what kind of needles you can and can't bring on the plane?

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There was a lot of discussion about this lately. Check out the "Curtains & Travel Amsterdam and Marseilles" post from the 27th of January on Mnjack's blog. People have had various and sundry experiences with knitting on planes and getting needles on board. And welcome to the group! It's and interesting and amazing group of lads.

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I've only knitted on the plane once. I thought it would be best if I stuffed needles in my carry-on luggage, and then I took them out when I got to the gate. No one said anything to me about them, but they were also circular bamboo needles (size 8). I wouldn't dream of attempting to bring metal needles on a plane for fear of getting them snatched up. My last flight I sat next to a woman knitting a sleeve with two circular needles, and had a lovely conversation with her about it.
I'm glad you had a nice experience with it though. I have never really had a bad experience knitting in public except for maybe some unwelcoming looks from other guys passing by, but I usually keep my head down anyway.

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I knit in the airport and on the plane all the time...but I'm only flying in the US.
At Christmas, I forgot to switch my metal Knitpicks tips to wood...and the scanner didn't problem. I usually only use wood or bamboo when I fly.
Usually I'm knitting socks on four bamboo needles...but at Christmas I was trying to finish a sweater for my grandson on circulars. I've often had compliments from stewardess.

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Great story. I love to knit whenever I travel and, luckily, haven't had any problems. I like socks because they are easy to stow and people don't think you are invading their space. However, I also pack a couple of books in case someone makes a fuss. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great story...I too knit on planes and in airports. I can tell everyone that a sock can be knit between Toronto Ontario and Puerta Vallarta Mexico. More than can be said for the knitting I tried to complete on the "Blue Chairs" lol, to many distractions rofl.