Oh hai thar

I had totally forgotten I'd signed up over here! Doh!

Suffice to say, 2010 is already flying by. My mother sent me the fundage (after Christmas, of course), for a spinning wheel, and Tesla got here about 3 weeks ago. I'm in love, of course. He's a Babe's Fiber Garden Production wheel, and you can just stick your nose up and feel superior if you want to, but I note of my fiber snobby friends who WANT to have a wheel, but will only take a Kromski Sonota or something...I'm the one with the wheel, makin' yarns.

About 1150 yards, so far :D

And a shawl.

Plus a couple of baby hats. And a pattern for another shawl that needs test knitting during Ravelympics.

And I managed to dye my bad cat's white forefeet pink. Or rather, she did, when she went fishing for yarn in my dyebath. Fortunately, it was only food coloring dye. So. That's what January and early February looked like!


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Sounds like you're having fun- how about some pics?

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I agree with Albert...sounds like fun!

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Babe's Fiber Garden...how COOL is that? Kudos for finding the site and being a sustainable spinner! And I love that you named your spinning wheel Tesla. Now I'll have to find a name for for mine..hmmmm maybe Jenny Geddes

Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred

"Body by God; shetland socks courtesy of Fred"

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Babe's Fiber Garden wheels are really nice, carrying on the tradition of an earlier company. They take great pride in the quality of their wheels and I understand they are a joy to spin with. I've toyed with getting one but, not using the one I own, I really had best stick to my spindles. Enjoy! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.