Finished my two-color cable sweater

Back in January, I had uploaded a pic of the start of a new sweater for the new year, and since I had a lot of time to knit this weekend with the major snow storm we've had here in Philadelphia, I finally finished it! It's knit from "felt yarn", which is basically yarn that had big slubs of loosely spun wool and then thinner more tightly spun spots. It was a little difficult to work with, because the needle would keep going through the yarn. I started out with metal needles, and then switched to bamboo ones - that helped a lot.

The body of the sweater is knitted with plaited basket stitch, which I think gave it a nice texture, and the cables in blue have a nice "distressed" look due to the variability in the yarn. The blue horizontal stripe cable was knit separately and then attached. It's a very warm sweater.

The neck is done as a placket with 3 wood buttons - I bought the buttons off Etsy. It fits pretty well ... I kept checking my guage, which got tigher when I knit the sleeves, and I had to adjust a bit to accomodate. I knit both of the sleeves together at the same time on a long circular needle (although it's flat knitting), and I think that worked out well ... any difference in guage carries through on both sleeves evenly, and when you're done you don't have to think "oh, I got another one to do yet".

I think the sweater has kind of an "arts and crafts" style look ... either that or "gingerbread house"? lol I seamed it up using the contrasting color yarn with a crochet on the outside. Well, you can see what you think.

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I love the texture, and I see what you mean about "gingerbread". I also get a kind of military dress uniform feeling from this sweater. It must have been a lot of fun to knit! What are the names of the yarns, Jon, and can you give the directions for the texture stitch?

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I actually stole the plaited basket stitch off a post here sometime back :) ... I'm sorry, I forget who posted it before:

Cast on an odd number of stitches:
Row 1 (RS): k2, *insert needle in back loop of second st on left needle, k and leave on needle. Then knit the first st, then slip both sts from needle together; rep from *, end k1.
Row 2: p2, * skip next st and purl the second st, then purl the skipped st, then sl both sts from needle together; rep from *, end p1.

The yarn was "ICE felt yarn" that I bought off ebay ... They have a website,, but I don't see the "felt yarn" there. yarn_paradise is still selling them on ebay. The brown is "coffee brown" and the blue is "Light Blue".

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The sweater looks amazing. Congratulations. I would be interested in the pattern, it creates a wonderful texture.

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Thanks! I posted the pattern for the plaited basket stitch below.

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Looks great!
that yarn has to have been difficult to knit with...

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You're right, the yarn was difficult to knit with ... it was especially difficult to pick up stitches after frogging rows because some stitches would be really small and others really thick. I guess this yarn would usually be used to knit soemthing with the intent to felt it. Although, I washed a swath and dried it in the tumble dryer, and it didn't seem to felt excessively.... also the guage didn't change on the pattern of the swatch after washing.

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That sweater turned out really nice, Jon. The seaming adds just the right amount of continuity between the cabling and color band to make it work extremely well. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.