Stash Jan 2010

This is one portion of my playroom. A 12' long closet filled with vacumm bags, bins and garbage bags full of fibre for spinning. If there exists a fibre, it's in there. Behind the door are more of those 60 L tubs..

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..and you still need more!
I know the still need more!

I feel bad when I take a bit out..I have to replace it immediately! Yes, I have O.C.D.


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According to the Stash Management Handbook items removed from stash shouold be replaced with no less then 125% of the item removed, or the equivilant in yardage, cost, or number of skeins; whichever is greater.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

This quote has just increased my stash horizons.

I think I better review that handbook as I have only been replacing 100%. Seems I'm failing in my stash management. :-(



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And I thought I had a lot. I just see that you are better organized. Now, if I put mine all in tubs like that ... not sure whose would be bigger!! LOL

I saw the picture of part of your stash in your flicker gallery. I think you can officially join the fibre piggy club and be its President! LOL