The Biology of Knitting

Don't know if this has ever been posted... Amazing:


paulhenry's picture

It shouldn't have, but it did make be laugh.... I;m suppose I;m slightly warped as well....

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That is really funny. :-)

Bill's picture

The bunny with Easter eggs is wonderful!

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I love the bunny, too! Just brilliant to have him full of easter eggs.

PaulJMC's picture

brilliantly warped! :) LOVE IT!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Yeah, that was warped, and funny!

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I found the frog pattern and queued it up on ravelry a couple of months ago. But the Easter Bunny is my current fave. Thanks for the grins!

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OMG - the morning coffee almost blew out my nose. Very Funny.