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So it's great to see that Darrel finally got the chat button to work. However, I never see anyone there. So today, just this minute, as I was signed in to the site, I tried to use Chat.... and I get this:
You are not authorized to access this page.
So what gives? Why am I being locked out? What did I do wrong here? I hardly say anything at all... and that's too much??


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I'm glad it's not just me....
I've had the same message a few times now, and once or twice before I have actually been chatting!

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Someone told me that it might be Explorer that causes the problem. Try going on with Firefox.

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I'm having the same problem in Firefox.

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Funny that we all check it out but when it does work nobody's there? Anyhow it must be a temporary thing because I also can no longer access it.

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Same here..............

The Chat Nazi said "Access Denied" chat for you!


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I, too, have been having that issue.

Whenever I log in, I go to see if anyone is on...might wish to say hello or something, but, today, I'm in the same boat with the rest of everyone else.



It's a relief to know that this ban does not only extend to Brits...!

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I'm not having any trouble accessing the chat feature. I typically use Safari or Firefox.

For those who are getting an "Access Denied" message, can you send me a screenshot to help me determine whether it's MWK or Meebo that's denying access to it.

You can also access it directly from this URL:


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I am using Firefox. It used to work... but not now. Still get Access denied. That link you provided opens the meebo in another window, but it's a very very old one... text has been updated since then. I don't believe it is current... so you can't chat with anyone from the past!
Can't you get this thing to work? Did you pay for this window?