Stephen West's HERBIVORE

During the Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat, I had the opportunity to meet Stephen West and see his very cool Herbivore that he was wearing.

It is a very "architectural" piece with just the right balance of regular knitting and needle acrobatics to keep me very interested in the project! The pattern can be had on Ravelry or through Stephen's blog called "West Knits".

I am knitting it up using the FiberOptic Footnotes Batik in Northwoods that Kimber Baldwin donated to retreat goers. You can check out her yarns by searching for "Fiber Optic" on or by going to

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Fascinating shawl!
I looked at the various samples on ravelry...and it's a very versatile shape.

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Looking great! I love his designs. I followed one of his patterns for my "Man + Shawl=Mawl" on Ravelry. He's so nice too; after I posted it he pm'd me and told me he liked the colors and stripe pattern I used. I thought that was pretty cool!

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I agree. Stephen is a very responsive designer. Ver interested in what people create with his designs. I really like having "designer tech support" as it makes me feel even more connected to the piece.

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Thanks for the heads up on this pattern! I got it started last night...we'll see how it turns out. I think that it's very interesting that nearly all of the male designers on this seasons Project Runway are wearing some type of neck wrap, unfortunately, I'm about 3 times their size and twice their age so may not be quiet as attractive on me LOL.

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My Stephen West projects (I have several) have got to be in the top of my go-to accessories. I wear the herbivore quite often!