First Attempt at Stranded Colorwork...and German Karneval.

So I got the bright idea a couple of months ago to try and do a colorwork project, after 4 failures, I think this one is finally going to have a good result. Im doing a pair of stranded colorwork mittens, I'm still on the first one, and im almost done with the thumb gusset, I just hope everything will go alright when I start decreasing the top. Also, there is a nice festival going on in Germany called "Karneval" which is basically the German Mardi Gras, on my way today to go buy some new needles (Symphony wood DPN's 4mm...fancay) I saw no less than 3 people passed out on the street (in the snow) from too much beer. I know this hasn't much to do with knitting, but it was impressive so I thought I would post it. I put a picture of the mitten in progress below so you can take a look. I'm a bit concerned because it seems a little tight if I try to put my hand into it, Im wondering if Im making the floats too tight when I go from needle to needle and need to loosen up a bit, but I'm terrified of laddering and making my hard work look like crap. I'm hoping the stitches will stretch and relax once they're off the needle and I block the mittens (I haven't ever done blocking, so this should be interesting.) Let me know what you think of my work in progress! Thanks Ya'll!

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It doesn't look like your floats are too tight.

If the fit isn't uncomfortable, I would knit further to see if they are really too tight. Sometimes it all works out.

Floats do cut down on elasticity even when correctly done. You may need to add another repeat or two of your pattern to get the fit you want.

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If the floats were too tight your knitting would be distorted which it is not. At this point I would measure your hand and measure the mitten and if it is not an inch bigger than your hand I would rip it back to the cuff and start the colourwork again. You now have a good gauge swatch, so measure it and adjust accordingly. The colours and your work are both lovely.

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I concur with Ron's appraisal. Please keep us updated!

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nice looking mittens, and good advice from Ron.

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Well, Mitch, you're doing a whole lot better than I am. I am a new knitter too and I also am working on my first stranded circular project (a beer cozy). The stranded bit is in the middle and the tight floats give the project an hourglass shape. I've made four so far and the last one is actually the worst of the lot. I need to slow down and make sure each and every float is loose. I'm going to get this. I'll post a picture when I do. Good luck with the rest of that project.

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I was reading in that colourwork book you got from the library (yes, I found that I do own it) and she suggests knitting with the right side on the the floats are on the outside...and therefore are might try that on the beer cosy. Turn it inside out, and knit.

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Now, that's an arresting concept. I'm just about to cast on my 5th attempt at this. Inside out it will be. I'll bring it tomorrow night.

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Good tips from both Ron and Bill. You may have to do both to get the best fit. Since there isn't any puckering on your knitting, it may be that the round gauge is just enough tighter to make it a very snug fit. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.