Whale Watcher's Hat

This is a hat I knit yesterday, and decided to give it a Maine-flavored name. Let me know when y'all are sick of them, and I'll start knitting underwear (if that model is available).


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Get in the queue Albert :)

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Kerry, I'll wrestle you for first place!

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The hat will be wonderful with matching underwear!

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Bill, I'm in a minimalist mood at the moment- ship me that model and we'll skip the hat and the underwear.

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I like the hat, thanks for the pattern too!

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How could we could tired of your hats. This one is a real beaut. Classic colours and a lovely pattern. Another success story.

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Very nice! I love the colors! Where did you get the pattern for this? Would love to make one for myself!

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Thanks, Mitch! This is one of my own original patterns and I've attached it to this post as a pdf download. You should be able to print it out, if not, let me know and I can email it to you. I've also posted it on Ravellry as a free pdf download under Whale Watcher's Hat

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I really like this design Albert! Thanks for the pattern!

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Another handsome hat - I think that model would look scrumptious in that ... and only that.