Happy Velentine Day

Thyought you all needed a treat...Blacker designs, one of my favourite wool places online, has a valentine's day sale. Their Gotland worsted spun is particularly lovely.

Have a look at www.blackerdesigns.co.uk



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Thanks for that, David. I found their "meet the animals" page absolutely fascinating. Who knew that there were that many DIFFERENT kinds of sheep! And very different-looking as well. The horns on some of them! And all the different colors and different looks of the fleeces themselves. I was amazed. Thanks for that!

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So many yarns, so little time! Thanks for the tip, Dave.

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David, I agree with Tom. The Meet the Animals page was very interesting. Thanks for the info.

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Those are only the sheep that are in the UK; there are over a hundred more in the rest of the world. Not all of them have wool though.

When I hear someone say that wool itches, that just infuriates me! They are basing one encounter with the wrong wool and aren't even giving a chance for any of the couple hundreds of others. There is a wool for every project you have in mind, from next to skin wear (like underwear) to carpeting and upholstery and everything in between. That is only from sheep. Then we have the other animals that give us fibre, and silk, and all the plant fibres --- why would anyone want to use the very expensive and inferior plastics?! Okay, that is only my opinion.

Thanks David for that link!

Those are SOME of the sheep in the UK. There are other breeds as well.