My First Try At Socks

I have been wanting to learn to do socks for quite some time but was very intimidated. While on You Tube one night browsing I typed in knitting socks and it brougt up many videos. There was this young lady on there and she went through the whole sock process and it was very easy. The socks are slipper socks but I got the jest of the pattern and how it works. I am now ready to start a regular pair of socks. The greatness of the new electronic age is wonderful.


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Kudos, Dennis! They certainly do not look like a first attempt!

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Congratulations, Dennis. They are beautiful and I hope they are the first of many pairs you knit.

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I always love when folks gain clarity on a specific knitting technique. Some things in knitting are extremely difficult to describe, but if someone (or a video) can walk you through it, it can become very clear.

Welcome to the world of sock knitting.

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Whoo hoo! Good luck!

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I love knitting socks, for me it's the most relaxing activity and they make great travel projects. Your first pair look a lot better then my Frankenstein first pair. I do have to warn you, making socks can be addicting.

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Here I was, thinking I was the only person using slipper/house socks as a way to teach the basics. Just goes to show that there's truly nothing new under the sun. [Or moon.] Nice looking socks. Enjoy making them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.