My Patterns in Yarn Forward

Hey Guys!
Long time no post, I know. I had all but given up on designing and hadn't touched the needles in over half a year...
Thats when I got an email from Yarn Forward Magazine in the UK. They wanted to use my Knitty sweater for a compilation "bookazine". This got the creative juices flowing again, and I submitted a few patterns.

You can check out the results in Yarn Forward Issue #21, as well as the upcoming #23 and #25.

I hope to rejoin the menwhoknit community now that I'm knitting again!!



QueerJoe's picture

That's incredibly good news Nathan...congratulations! It's great that your designs are being published and even better that the encouragement of success has brought you back here.

Good to see you out here again!

albert's picture

Kudos, Nathan! Do you have pics that you can post for those of us who don't have access to this magazine? I'd love to see them!

Bill's picture

Congratulations, Nathan!
Please keep us informed on the availability of your men's patterns... you have a big group of admirers here.

Darrel's picture

That's awesome, Nathan!