Yarn Forward Covers...

Some commenters asked for pictures..... here is a foto of the magazine covers. I'll ask the editor to find out if I can post photos of the patterns....hopefully more to come soon!


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Nathan, ...is there any info about us ordering it?

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I just bought what I thought was a single issue of #21 Yarn forward...but it turns out I bought a digital copy...haven't figured out how to save the patterns.
...but Nathan's Cocktail Sweater is handsome....and photographed on a very cute model!!!

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Knit1Prall2 Just got the magazine and it is great. Yes, I agree the coctil sweater is beautiful and I would love to fit him into my sweaters.


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I'll ask about ordering real copies online, my mom was having the same trouble.

And yes, the model in YF21 is exceedingly handsome! I'm excited to see who gets to wear my upcoming argyle vest!!! Maybe I can request the wearer to return the garments....personally :)

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