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Pictures, purchase options....

(This post has been edited, I received word that the next pattern will be in issue #24, NOT #23!!!)
Alright, I've received the go-ahead from Yarn Forward to post these admittedly blurry pictures to give you all an idea of the patterns. The first is one you already know from knitty.com, the Patch Pocket Raglan. I allowed it to be re-printed in Yarn Forwards "Bookazine". I'm not sure that the whole Bookazine is still available to buy, but you can email Yarn Forward if you're interested. Tons of patterns, even a few nice ones for men!

The Black Cocktail Sweater (and sexy model) are from issue #21. I was a bit disappointed that the embellishment didn't show in the photo, not even in print. But I guess black-on-black detail is hard to capture. And anyway, like I say in the intro: "Subtle detail is revealed only to those who take a closer look". And wouldn't we all like to get a bit closer to the model! He's listed only as "Beau". The name fits him just as well as the sweater!

Also from the same issue, I was selected as one of the top 20 male knitting designers! What an honor.

A few of you were asking how to purchase copies. Here is the response I got from the editor:
"They can buy them from us from our website which is being updated now www.yarnforwardmagazine.co.uk or by emailing mandy(at)kalmedia.co.uk"

I checked the website and it does appear to be possible to purchase copies via PayPal. The alignment is a bit strange, so make sure you check the order form that the correct issue was selected. I'm in #21 and #24, where I'm the "featured designer"!!

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Thanks for the info Nathan and CONGRATULATIONS! I love your patch pocket raglan....kudos.

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be very careful in buying the magazine. It it says "Yudu" you're getting a digital version.
I didn't understand...thought I was ordering a copy of the magazine.

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Good tip. I made it clear when I asked that people wanted real copies, not digital, but who knows. When in doubt try emailing Mandy....

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