What a deal!!!

I was in the LYS and as I was checking out the LYS lady clued me in on the sale basket. This is Cruise by Classic Elite Twinkle Handknits, retails for $11.25 and I got them for a buck a skein. It's 70% silk. 30% cotton, DK weight and I love the colors. I'm thinking lace and maybe socks. I love the sale bin.


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I love the colors too! Congrats on your great find! DK is such a versatile weight.

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I found a new LYS yesterday and made some new friends. Bought some yarn to make a scarf. I asked them about wool for a sweater and they reccommended Cascade 220, so that's what I bought for the scarf to try it out.

They had a bargain basket but I didn't see anything in it I wanted at the time. I'll try back. They have a coffee shop too.

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It has to be the first line in your post in HTML code.

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Great colours, terrific price.

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holy cow!! watcha gonna make watcha gonna make?????

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The first thing I want to experiment with is a pair of socks. I have so many friends that won't wear wool that I would like to see how this stuff feels as a sock. I've used DK wool for socks before so we'll see how this does. I didn't buy all of it so I might go back and get some stray colors for striping and heels and toes. There were some beautiful jewel tones but only in single skeins. I'll report back as soon as I get something knit up.

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I am so envious at the moment that my "no new stash" rule would be in severe jeopardy if I lived near you and that LYS. Great find. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.