Rock Hudson

Beefcake, Closeted Actor, knitter!!

Last night I saw the premiere of a new Rock Hudson documentary at the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival). The documentary was mildly interesting, I suppose. I didn't know much about him to begin with, he was far before my time, so I did learn quite a bit. He was one of the first (if not THE first) public faces of AIDS, for example. He also led a double life: The hollywood hunk, icon of masculinity....and closeted homosexual, living as a gay man only in private.

One tidbit that caught my attention though, was one of his old time colleagues talking about the making of a particular film. I don't remember which film it was, or who his costars were, but apparently he learned to knit on the set and just loved it! The rest of his colleagues joined in and everyone was knitting on their break. No photos of him knitting, no original garments, just a story. But I was still tickled by that!

Who says rough men can't knit?!?!?


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I recall being delighted to find out that Boris Karloff knitted. He was often seen knitting during breaks in filming. Who says monsters can't knit? ;-)