Mitten redo and pre-gaming for final round

Ok so I did what you guys suggested in my last posting about frogging the mitten down to the cuff, and starting with the stranded work again, I did it and now Im almost done with mitten number 1, and it looks great! I cant wait to post finished pictures on here of them. Im trying to work my way up, once I get this mitten thing down I want to try doing a pair of socks...then the ultimate test..a sweater...yes, I am that ballsy. This mitten is taking a little longer than usual because I WOULD have knit on the train on my way back from Munich yesterday (4 hour train ride), but alas, my company didnt get me a seat reservation, and the entire train was full, so I was forced to curl up in the little step space by the train door....on the plus side I sat next to a REALLY hot guy...seriously, he was like walking porn. So unfortunately didn't get any knitting done,..BUT I have the weekend...number 1 will probably be finished tonight if I go hardcore, which I probably will, im pre-gaming for the night of knitting ahead of me...when I say pre-gaming I mean Im drinking a sugar free red bull and listening to my favorite songs...then when I get soooo energized...Ill knit until this thing is done (I have one inch left on the main body and then the thumb) So wish me luck, I cant wait to show everyone! By the way, Ive never blocked anything before...I still need to block that manly cable scarf I finished last month and these mittens...anyone know what I could use as a blocking board? Would cardboard suffice? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


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cardboard covered with a towel will be fine for blocking.

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I like your training regimen- the only thing missing is the performance-enhancing steroids. Bill's idea sounds good.

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Good going on the mitten. I can usually rev up for a marathon knitting session by making sure I have a lot of iced tea on hand and listening to my Greatest Hits by Queen. Dear Freddy and the lads have helped me get through some fairly long deadlines. The really intense sessions have lasted through all 3 discs. Looking forward to seeing the photos. [BTW, my blocking method is similar to Bill's.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.