Felted Clogs

TauronClogs (2)
This is how they started
TauronClogs (2)
In 2008 at the Men 'sFall Knitting Retreat I saw a pair of these from one of the guys and I knew I had to make one for me. These are mostly Alpaca yarn (the green), the sole is mohair, Paton's Classic, Cascade Eco Wool.
TauronClogsFelted (2)

This is the end result

I will be adding Suede Soles next week when they ae complety dry. Make yourself some clogs, I have a front loader, HE and it was possible, you can do it too.Thanks for stopping by!


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I love the colour. They look great! Me wants! Did you design the pattern, is it available?

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Felted Clogs (AC-33) great pattern! I actually used size 11 US instead of 13 US

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Soooo cool. I love them

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Andy they came out great! I, too, love the colors you chose. You've inspired me to knit a pair!

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Excellent, Andy- so colorful and cozy looking!

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Andy... I have made over a dozen pair and finally knit some for myself... I cannot take them off! They are freakishly warm, comfortable to the point of swearing off all other footwear, and, unfortunatly lend themselves to having everyone you know ask for a pair.

When you get them on your feet and the conform to only your feet you will know what I mean.

Thanks for all the mystery boxes, and the components for the horse barn that you sent. I still have a way to go on that one but I have to say you have one hell of a plantation going on! Oh,, and I hope you have enough support for the new chicken coop! Let me know and I will send or have it sent. And just how many chickens can one support in the new coop?


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Chris I have to agree with you these are so comfortable is not even funny. Still wet I wished they were dried. I did try them on once or twice while felting and they got a liking to one foot or another, so they have a little curve on the arch of the foot.

Chicke coop, goodness, how many famrs can we have, I appreciate all the helpo and ditto to you.

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If everyone else keeps coming up with really nice looking clogs, I may have to get over my aversion to felting and actually make a pair. [Not that I have anything against felting...I just have an aversion to ME doing it.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Two words: washing machine.

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Sorry, Albert. Even those words do not help me get over it...I just think "yuck" instead of "YUCK". Maybe I can bribe my local LYS owner to throw a pair into her next batch of felting projects. Only problem...checking for fit. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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They came out great Andy! I actually have one finished (and felted) and one still on the needles. I just wanted to be sure they'd felt/fit right before knitting the 2nd. Actually the easiest felt I've ever done (in and out in 20 minutes, using Patons Classic Merino.)
Chris is right: they're so comfortable that I can't resist wearing the one that I have finished! Lol! Ridiculous I know, but I should have the 2nd done by this weekend :)