"The Bag Ladies"

Mommy Dearest has been asking me for crocheted purses for years (she's a big 'o tree hugging, poet shirt wearin' hippy)! I actually started these back when I lived in El Paso and sadly they had been sitting in the UFO dimension for a long time. Last year her requests grew in their intensity and frequency. I kept telling her I didn't like making bags, but I surprised her with these for Christmas. I just sort of winged the pattern. She digs them like crazy! If anyone wants more specifics about the pattern just pm me and I will try to remember what I did. All of it is done in SC stitches with a J hook. The blue one is made of a bulky Yarn Bee chenille and the gold one is LB Homespun. Believe it or not there are more FO's I will post this afternoon or tomorrow!

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Very nice work, Mill. I like the ribbon for stabilizing the handle. I shall have to remember that trick if I ever make another bag. My usual answer was to scrap whatever the designer called for and just make a series of slip stitch rows back and forth on both sides until it was the desired width. Very time consuming. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Well FO to you too!!!!!

Very, Very nice work Mill....I shouldn't expect anything less from you. The bags are fantastic and as we/you always say "with a little laginappe" to boot! (we ain't be talkin' no good Anglash no mo up in herea. This just be wrong-headed and ignunt) That's what makes them special.

Again I tip my hat,


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Thanks Tex! I loves me some lagniappe!

If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
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Thanks Joe! I know; it's frustrating that the knit/crochet handles stretch so much. Right now I'm working on finishing a sweater messenger bag from LB that calls for a long knitting stockinette handle. For this one I'm doubling the stitches, knitting it in the round and I will insert a twill strap in the middle to prevent stretching. I've also seen similar handles with a 2" suede strip sewn to the underside and it looked really cool!

If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
--Eric Cartman, South Park

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I like the bags very much. They are quite attractive and really everyone can use a bag. Thanks for the tips on the handles.

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Gorgeous work, Mill; I especially like the Fall Bag, and suspect I will be stealing...I mean,"taking inspiration" from the color/texture/symmetry interaction for my own muse (if I can pry him away from his "Kentucky Tea"). Look forward to seeing more!

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Very nice Mill!!! I haven't made a bag in ages but I think you may have inspired me. I love those pockets and the racey liners.

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Thanks Scott! I love to have fun with linings. My messenger bag is a tweedy chocolate and I'm lining it in chartreuse.

If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
--Eric Cartman, South Park

There is some serious envy going on in this house. They are beautiful, and the lining and embellishments an inspiration.

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Thanks Christine!

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Great job. What a nice surprise for your mother. I love the linings. I want to see the messanger bag when it is finished.

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Thanks Jack! Will do.

"If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
--Eric Cartman, South Park

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I have to vote for the fall bag, great work buddy

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Those are cool Millard. How did you do the leaves on the Fall Bag? Is that embroidery, or what?

I've been toying with the idea of a bag for my friend's bodhrán (an Irish frame drum) and planning to wing the pattern as well. After all, how hard can it be to make something square? (Famous last words, right?) I still need to find out the dimensions of the drum, so I haven't started yet, but I was planning to make it my first felting project.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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I love this place- though half Irish, I have never heard of an Irish frame drum, let alone the actual Gaelic name for it!

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Thanks Michael! I purchased pre-embossed felt from the craft store. I free-formed the shapes. You can emboss felt yourself by heating rubber stamps with a heat gun and pressing firmly on the felt. I'm sure there are tutorials on the web. I saw it done at a trade show. Then I used embroidery floss to indicate the veins and then blanket stitched it to the bag. I also used the embroidery floss on the grosgrain ribbon to embellish the pocket and reinforce the handle. Trick is you have to use the good stuff. The synthetic ribbon rips and leaves large holes from the embroidery needle.