Diaries of a Compulsive Christmas Knitter Vol. 2

7 down.... 31 to go!!!

I was able to knock out the granny square scrapghan this weekend. I didn't think that I was going to be able to get to it until this week but got it done today. SCORE! It measures out to 36"x36". This project drove my wife nuts. She is a little type A and it bothered her that it's not even. The one little corner of tan really pissed her off. Haha! What can I say, I'm not a perfectionist. It may be a little unbalanced, but is unique and has a lot of character. (Kind of like the guy who made it.)

And my apologies in advance.... it wouldn't let me attach the picture. You can check my gallery to see it. :)


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Congrats Nick! My very first jump into the fiber world was a crocheted baby blanket about that size and now the "baby" I made it for is 12 years old! It's scary how fast time flies. Can't wait to see the pic!


It said that the image was too big to upload. :( I did upload it to MWK, I just couldn't attach it. If you go to my profile and click track you can see the image there. I'm just not sure how to get a file that big shrunk down so i can attach it to the blog post. Sorry, I'm technologically challenged.

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You can always just do it this way:


and let folks link to it...or use HTML to make it display:

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Thanks Joe! Nick, the afghan is SICK! I love the irregularity of the stripes. You made a classic modern and fresh....Kudos!


Joe! My hero!!! ;) Thank you sir, I appreciate it.

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Bright and beautiful- great job! There is free software you can download on the web called Infranview. Under the Image tab you can resize your pics to fit on MWK. You can also enhance your images. I use this, and I am a technological dolt. It's easy and fun.

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Quite nice. I do a rectangular granny that doesn't seem to distort as much but figure after a few uses [and washings] it doesn't make much difference anyway. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

yeah, i've noticed that they start to "spin" a little bit. kind of cool and psychedelic. haha