Going... going... gonna do it!!!!!

Well gents.... gonna make a final choice for the KAL and will post sometime late tomorrow evening. If anyone has any last minute concerns/gripes/ideas please let me know. You may offer me personal bribes of which I will accept but it will not change the outcome... (does this shit sound ominous? Like I'm weilding some sort of grand gesture or some sort of inflated bullhockey or something?). I just want to get a start date and give everyone a chance to get their pattern and gear together.

Once more..... this is a fun thing... we all have stuff we have to do in everyday life, (LOL!@! like I believe that!) So once again .....THIS IS NOT A RACE!!!!! It's a matter of community. I don't knit fast and I have things to do so it may take me forever to get it done... don't worry!!1

But please keep in mind I have your names and a history of evil should you try and back out.

Throw it out there boys!



..and girls..


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How about "knitters"? (Love the new profile pic, L2L!)

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On a fantasy level I love the idea of knitting boxer briefs. On a reality level, only 20 something gym rats look really good in boxer briefs and I don't know many 20 something gym rats anymore. And when I was 20 something, I would not have wanted to look at me in boxer briefs. In the end, I love the idea of it, but I am old enough to have been disappointed with the final results. nuff said, all up to you my Texas friend.

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HeeHee- ain't middle age the "bomb"!