Sock Mania

I've been having fun with different sock ribbing lately. Above is Small Mock Brocade Block, it's knit in Trekking XXL in a black Donegal tweed. Here is a detail of the ribbing - black is so hard to photograph.

And this is in Cartridge Rib in Meilenwit Mega Boots Stretch 100.

And a detail.

What next? Who knows, but I'm tired of K3, P1 and K2, P2 ribbing for awhile. I'm really fond of the Cartridge Rib for a guy's sock and will probably repeat that soon. There are so many different leg patterns out there that I may just go down the list and post them as I find them.


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I like this ribbing pattern- where can I find it? Love the color combo!

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Cartridge Rib is really easy:
In multiples of five-
row 1: *K3, p1, k1, rep from * to end
row 2: *K2, p3, rep form * to end
rep round 1 and 2

Small Mock Brocade Block is multiples of 7
row 1: *P6, k1 rep from* to end
row 2: *P5, k2 rep from* to end
row 3: *P4, k3 rep from* to end
row 4: *P3, k4 rep from* to end
row 5: *P2, k5 rep from* to end
row 6: *P1, k6 rep from* to end

repeat rows 1 -6
I wish this would have photographed better it's really cool and makes a nice guy's dress sock. I made them for the preacher that married Ralf and I. The other pair is for his partner. When I asked him what color socks he wanted me to knit for him he said black - for obvious reasons but I couldn't resist the rainbow donegal when I found it - it was perfect for him.

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Thanks, Scott!

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Those look great Scott! I'm digging the color combo too!


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A great and wonderful pair of socks. Way to go.

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That cartridge rib sounds [and looks] like one I used for a pair of blue socks I knit a few years ago, adapting it from a 1940s knitting book where it was used for gloves. Is it a reversible pattern? The one I used is. I get a lot of compliments for them and may offer a class on it sometime. Great looking socks...too bad they were so tricky to photograph. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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What great socks. Can't wait to start mine.