Olympics "costumes"

Has anyone noticed the coats or jackets or wraps the medal bearers were wearing when presenting the ice dancers with their medals? They are big, chunky knitted getups. Just wondering if anyone had noticed them beside me.

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I noticed that last night in fact while watching the medal ceremony for the ice dancing. In one shot, they showed the metal presenters and flower presenters in the bulky knit outfits holding the wooden trays with metals and flowers. The jackets looked super comfortable in almost a pewter gray yarn. I've been looking through several patterns recently that are Olympic inspired. I haven't seen this one. Has anyone else?

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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Well - being Canadian WOOHOOO - I didn't notice anything but the GOLD MEDAL skaters! LOL Thanks for the heads up. I'll look today.

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Is the costume in the centre the one you are referring to?

I've looked at these with scrutiny. Not sure I like them as a fashion representation of Canada but then again I am no fashionista...just a Canadian living in the cold..


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Is this what you're talking about?

I kind if like it in it's kitchyness.

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I haven't seen any medal presentations (and living in Canada, that is heresy), but what you are showing us seems to be traditional Cowichan (Siwash) sweaters, with a special design for the Olympics.

They are traditionally knitted with a special unspun wool and are quite thick and soft and fluffy and very warm. I have two of them, one with the traditional design, another in a marled yarn. I have a feeling these weren't knit by any Cowichan women!

OMG!! I just saw the flower and medal bearers coats! I'm so embarassed! What are they thinking??!!!