Fiber Arts Tour

This is so exciting - I've booked myself a PERU TEXTILE AND ALPACA TOUR. This July, a two week tour of textiles, textile museums and alpaca ranches. A little Machu Picchu on the side. I'm going with a good friend who has an Alpaca farm here in Québec. Stay tuned for the picture history of each fiber I see.
Have any of you done this trip?

even stitches


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¡Qué maravilloso, Roberto!
I hope you will share your experiences and photos with us all!

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I will.

Oh I'm so jealous!!! One of my dream trips..that and to the Fair Isles.



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I went in January about 13 years ago...couldn't find any fabric or yarn...plenty of tourist crafts...and one very expensive craft shop in a posh hotel...with a sweater I coveted...but which was so heavy I couldn't have worn it anywhere but Alaska...I did buy some woven things from a street peddler...ancient lady with beautiful things...
LOVED Machu Pichu...serene and beautiful! ...and the train ride to get there ...along a rushing river was spectacular. Surprisingly, although we were warned to not eat fresh vegetables and fruit...the hotels had wonderful and safe veggies and fruit...and the most fabulous avocados I've ever tasted!!!
I'd LOVE to take a fabric tour!! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!!!

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I'm green with envy! That's SO exciting. I hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to the photos!


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You will love every minute of your trip. Peruvian people are so noble and beautiful and the food is exquisite.
Feliz viaje.

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Feliz - it sounds like you know more than you're letting on. I have met a few Peruvian people in Montreal and you're right. I love good cuisine - can't wait to taste.

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I have a strong back and would make an excellent porter. You could even address me as "boy" if you like. :-)

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Well my "boys" do need strong backs! I'll consider it.

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Lots of adventures and fun to you. Friends went a few years ago and had a marvelous time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.