Hey all your pikers!!

And if y'all don't know what a piker is... look it up.

All you guys that have been uncommited if you want to get in on this Knit a Long, sign up.... it's a lot of fun, you get to know a good deal of people around here and we ge to know you! If you have the misconception that your knitting is not up to "par" throw that crap out the window. You only get better when you learn and are challenged. Trust me.... NO ONE is going to let you fail on here. (except maybe that Cajun dude)

I know y'all have a lot to offer and I/we want to see it. I'm tellling you, if it had not been for a lot of people on here over the years I would have never advanced in this dicipline.

Climb aboard and do just what you think you can do... we want you...



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so that's what it means...really had no idea...
( guess I'll have to flag that as offensive!)
...but Chris is usually MUCH more colourful than that...

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It also means a "gambler who only makes small bets due to overcautiousness". Sounds like Chris is urging those reticent knitters amongst us to cast caution to the wind and cast on. It's a challenge I'm considering cautiously.

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I ordered the pattern from Chris...but I'm tempted to knit longjohns!
...it's COLD here!

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Well bill we had just a wee bit of snow this morning here in Dallas but I agree... it's cold as heck. I think we need to get a wagon train going out to see Bradley and Eric and wait until the spring thaw.

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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I'm planning to run off to Texas early March...and it looks like it's cold there too!
...I'll be in the Hill Country visiting my twin brother...and his wife, who spins...so I'll get some spinning lessons...

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You see? You're learning already, and the KAL hasn't even started! Wow.. that Chris is one smart guy!

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We're in... but you knew that already...

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It is hard for me to say no to that handsome smile of yours! Your post today speaks to me loudly! Ever since you posted the first KAL topic, I've been wanting to get involved. I didn't sign up yet though because I'm worried about having a deadline and as you said, not being up to par with my abilities. I did get the pattern for the Fiber Trends clogs. After hearing about the popularity of the finished project, seeing all of the pictures on MWK, and the fun talk about the process, I can't wait to make myself a pair. I have already decided that it's my next project. I promised myself that I wouldn't start them until I was finished with my current projects which include a baby afghan that I'm about half done with (and the baby is due next week) and a full size afghan that I'm 3/5 done with that I set aside to do the baby afghan.

I mentioned before that even though I've been knitting now for about three or four years, I've never done any big projects other than scarves and some cheezey baby blankets. I really feel very strongly about finishing both the baby and full size afghans so I have a sense of accomplishment in these larger projects. So I guess I'm whining a little bit eh?

OK, that being said, Chris, if you twist my arm a little. Give me a kiss and tell me it will be all right, or whatever else you want to do to me... I could be convinced to work a little harder on my afghans and be ready to go on the clogs. I do have to find the right yard first though. I fell in love with some Manos del Uraguay Wool Classica Space Dyed in the color called Caribe ( http://ep.yimg.com/ca/I/nobleknits_2094_14784175 ) but I'm looking for a slightly less expensive alternative considering the amount I will need to make a Men's size 13 clog in these bright blues, torquoises, yelllows, and greens. I haven't found anything yet. Let me know if anyone knows of anything. The brighter the better.

I tend to be a little long winded with my posts here eh? Oh and I keep using the word "eh" and I'm not even Canadian!

OK, I'm finally done typing now!

Love you all,


-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Cory.... You just keep your Manos del Uraguays out of this!!!!!! Hey bud... I think you misunderstood.... we will set a start date...but there is NO finish date... you be done when you be done.

Now....."twist", 'smooch, and all is good. If you need more.... send me a private message.

As for me being handsome all I can say is thank you for the compliment and you need to get your drug habit under control.

So buddy we are dragging you down this road should you like it or not!

I gotcha signed up for clogs dude..... size 13 huh?

Glad you jumped in...


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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Well Sunshine I have the Boxers Pattern and I just casted on, so you might as well put me in for the KAL, I already did the clogs lol!

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Andy I want to know your secret!!!!!!!!!

Between the farm and the cafe and the mafia and knitting .. just where do you find time for all of it? You must be better organized than myself!

Thanks a million buddy.

Hey!!!!! and let's get my horse stables built


"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

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well, the rest of this week is going to be cold by Southern CA standards...highs are only going to be in the midd 60's but last weeks upper 70's should return in no time. It is a far cry here from the daily highs of 0 that I put up with in Kansas. Wagon Train and Westward Ho (no offense, Vandenburg...hehehe) and We can tuck as many of you as will fit in the yarn room as possible.

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I'll be on a flight out of Dallas to back home tonight, so I still need to order the Boxer pattern... I've been totally MIA the past 2 weeks... Can't wait to get started! I've definitely got some catching up to do!

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My boxers pattern came today! Just have to pick up the yarn this weekend. Hope I can find some that's purty!

Just found this site in the last week. Is there still a Men's knitting group meeting in Dallas?