Not sure where to start looking...

So, I've finished and felted by first set of clogs. They came out great, but...

the suede sole is too wide for them. I did felt them to pretty narrow to fit my feet. I need something to add traction on the bottom though- I'm a klutz!

There's gotta be some kinda latex or otherwise paint that I could use on the soles of the clogs, but I don't know where to start looking. Any help? Pretty please?


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Eric, here's the link (below) to a latex product (stencil's included) for slippers and I also read once that some folks use puff paint in different designs (circles, dots, lines, etc.). I've heard it works well, but haven't tried it myself. I have used the latex product because my Mom loves slippers and also inherited the klutz gene. Works great!


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YOu can always buy suede and cut it then punch holes. I was going to do that myself.

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I've used "Grippies" on kids ones -- they're iron-on and very simple.

You can buy them online at:

I've recently started seeing them at Target too! Look by the baby stuff.

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many fabric stores carry a dotted fabric to sew on the bottoms of children's sleepwear and slippers. ...or you can buy latex hooked rug backing at many craft stores. The Puff Paint is also a good and cheap alternative...

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When I worked in a nursing home, we had many a resident that had klutz issues when they wore their slippers. Now Eric, I'm not saying you are old or belong in a home, but what we found that worked really really well was simple grip shelf liner that is sold in discount stores everywhere. It also comes in many colors. It's simple to cut with a scissors and easy to sew to the bottom of a slipper or sock with needle and thread.
Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

It also works great on the bottom of rugs, chair cushions, etc. It's non adhesive but gives you the grip you need.


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-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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that's BRILLIANT! they're widely available and cheap!

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Another household product is the latex chaulking that is used around bath tubs, just dot it on and let it dry!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've heard people use the latex dip for tool handles, painted onto soles.

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I just finished a pair of felted slippers and the pattern recommends the puff paint in a zigzag pattern. Sounds easy to me!