Did Somebody Mention Hats???

Every time I see one of Albert's great hat posts I think I really need to make a post of the hats I've made recently. So here goes...
(Lots of pictures under the cut)

I wasn't in love with the Team USA Winter Olympic Hat that the athletes were wearing during the Opening Ceremonies. Until I saw the pattern on Ravelry and saw others had made it. Plus I knew it would really impress my non-knitter friends.
It is really one big hat! The fact that I tend to knit really loose when doing stranded color-work added to the size of it. But it is big, warm and cozy and I really like it. I tried washing it in warm water and sloshing it around to shrink it down a bit. I may have to have another go at that.

At the Men's Mid-West Knitting Retreat we were given the pattern for The Botanic Hat by Steven West. I love this pattern and as you can see, have made several!


Remember when The Yarn Harlot was making all of those Noro Stripped Scarves? That's how I feel about the Botanic Hat! I love this hat, love making it, love how they turn out.



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I saw that Olympic pattern myself and thought I needed to try it. There is a pattern for coordinating reindeer mittens too! Then there's the pattern for the standard red and white 2010 Olympic mittens! So many projects...

The Botanic Hat is awesome! Is the pattern available somewhere since I didn't make it to the retreat?


-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

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Great job!! They're both incredable!

The botanic hat is by Stephan West, you can get it:

Grace and Peace,

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I love the Olympic hat- it looks like it fits you perfectly! Your color choices on the Botanic hats are really elegant.

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Your hats look great Vince! I'm a big fan of Stephen's designs and esthetic. My favorite is the blue and gray. Well done sir!


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The hats are wonderful, Vince.

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Wow, fantastic hats. I've been thinking about working with color and that Olympic hat may be the pattern I start with. Do you think it would be a good first color project?

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I'm with you. I'm also addicted to the Botanic Har. I've made five or six.

Very nice! I love them all.....but really like the Olympic one best. And yes, I see Albert has been busy busy too.

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Thanks for all the great comments guys. I'm a firm believer of you can never have enough warm woolen hats!

@Cory: I gotta agree 100% about the Botanic Hat. I love it! You can get the pattern from Steven's blog, that Tim linked or asa Ravelry download.

@Scott: the Olympic hat is a pretty straight forward stranded knitting pattern. So I think it would be a good first stranded project. I will say that if I did make another I would not do the red & white color work at the top. Far too much effort for such a small area. I've seen it done in solid red and it looked just as great.

@Phil: my knitting circle is joking they may hold an intervention if I keep making Botanics. LOL!

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I keep hearing great things about the Botanic Hat and haven't seen a photo until now. Very nice...no wonder there's such a buzz about it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Looks amazing!!!
Can you share the pattern with the rest of us?