OT: In Search of Good Fantasy Fiction

Hi Boys,

I'm near to finishing Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series (except there's a 5th book coming otu in May) and I'm looking for my next yummy series. I've enjoyed this series because it has been relatively well written AND has a Gay male couple as it's protagonists.

Anything else like this out there? Hints and suggestions, please.



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This isn't part of a series but the author has many simalar books. Warning: as well as fantasy, this is also gay erotica. This was a really fun read, very romantic and incredibly hot.

Also if you go to Amazon and do a search for your Author it will also show you lot's of other stuff in that genre.

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that's got erotic content in it? i NEVER would have thought!

Fantasy and erotic content? I'll take it! Thanks for the recommendation.

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I love Falling! The author is planning a sequel . . . I believe it is scheduled to come out this year.

ok how do you get the pictures to show up in your post?


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Well, this is not a series (and I am with you, I LOVE series books...) But I just read, in two quick sittings, "Hero" by Perry Moore. About a gay fledgling superhero with healing powers. Sounds odd but I LOVED it!!

BTW, Perry Moore was the executive produce of the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


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Not odd at all. And I loved it, too!! I'm a HUGE comics fan, have been reading them for 30+ years. Hero was a total kick.

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Thanks! I got it out of the library today. I'm only on the 3rd page and I'm hooked.

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Jesse, my fantasy fiction involves me finishing all my FO's! But if you want some really good short fantasy stories (wink, wink) go to www.................................

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............Erma Bombeck

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always the tease.

i know THOSE sites already, dear.

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Thanks! I placed a hold on them at the library. I'm looking forward to checking them out. You also recommended "The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques" by Margaret Radcliffe a while back. Beautiful book. At first I borrowed it from the library. And then I went out and bought a copy. What a great, great source if you're into color work. Really a great recommendation. Thanks!