KAL Felt Stocking

Alrighty, I don't see a start date on this but I just couldn't wait. The days are dark for me now and distraction is at the top of my list, so I started the Felted Christmas Stocking. I am using some hand dyed, hand spun 100% Merino for the stocking part and I found some really nifty fluffy synthetic yarn in my stash. The colours may not be traditionally Christmas red and white but I am not the usual girl in my "practices" anyway. (Everyone has their niche) Here are the starting pics. Cast on and ready to go. Chris you were right that so far this is easy and a pleasant distraction. Well off to have some retail therapy with my gal pal today.

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I'm diggin' the color combinations JoJo! Looking good!

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Joanne!!! I love it so far! As I told you before you WILL knit at least 4 of these before Christmas and once your friends/family see it... you will be doing them till you are sick to death. Thanks for the pics!!!


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It's more if a Victorian Christmas color - I love it.

Looks like this is going to turn out great! I really like the color too.